Serenity Stitchworks Finding Peace and Serenity through Needlework

Swanie Brandt and Carmen Wolf (a mother/daughter team) are the proud owners of Serenity Stitchworks. We are accomplished business women in graphics design with some of the major businesses in our area as clients and we won several national awards including a Grand award. During this time we also owned and managed office property in the metro area of our city.

We both have an uncompromising love of color and design (and needlework), and after much soul searching, decided that our most satisfying endeavor would be the creation of beautiful needlework designs that would benefit not only us but the many thousands of needleworkers in the world.

That brought about the birth of Serenity Stitchworks, a company that provides beautiful and original counted-cross-stitch designs not found in other cross-stitch companies’ portfolios. Every design has been developed with unprecedented quality and care.

Carmen has a degree in architecture and environmental design with a focus on art history, went on to get her law degree and is a licensed attorney. She also is the mother of twin boys. She chose to create a company she can manage from home so would have more flexibility for her boys. Her husband is a medical doctor and an accomplished photographer and muscian, and they have traveled to many interesting parts of the world, which has provided inspiration for many of our designs.

Swanie has a business degree but wishes she had followed her passion and studied color and design. She, however, accomplished this through post college study while she was a stay-at-home mom. She also loves garment construction and has always designed and created her own clothes. Her husband is retired from management with a major farm implement company and has an extensive farm toy collection.

We welcome you to join us and become a member of the Serenity Stitchworks community.