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Space Cross Stitch Patterns

Our space-themed cross stitch patterns bring out-of-this-world designs right to your home. Digitally download one of our easy-to-read, high-quality space cross stitch patterns instantly to get started. Our galaxy cross stitch patterns feature images of swirling nebulas, twinkling stars and mystical celestial clusters. All images come from the various NASA satellites, so every high resolution outer space cross stitch pattern depicts a real celestial occurrence. Bring the beauty of stars and galaxies down to earth with our one-of-a-kind images.

At Serenity Stitchworks, we love bringing you the best cross stitch patterns at accessible prices. We guarantee all of our products 100 percent, so if you’re unsatisfied, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We offer all of our cross stitch patterns in large print charts free of charge if you’re looking for an oversized version of a pattern. Shop with us today to get the best deals on space cross stitch patterns!