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Still Life Cross Stitch Patterns

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From Still Life to Cross Stitch

These cross stitch painting patterns may be of still life, but they'll bring your artistic inspiration to life once you've completed them. Created with high levels of detail that evoke the individual nuances of each source work, our patterns are designed to emulate famous works of art and let you express your own flair.

We've curated these amazing still life cross stitch patterns from many different styles and genres. To learn more about any particular pattern or the source behind it, just click on one of the listings. From there, you'll discover details like difficulty levels, stitch types, the size of finished products based on thread counts and the amount of fabric you'll require to complete a design successfully.

If you love floral cross stitch, these projects are the ideal way to make a statement. Our advanced patterns are also the perfect thing for honing your skills, so download your favorite today to get started on your next big masterpiece in minutes.