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Realist Cross Stitch Patterns

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Create Your Own Realist Masterpiece

From natural inspirations to the humanistic elements of city life and recent history, our realistic cross stitch patterns represent the best of art throughout the ages. There are countless subjects to choose from, so you can pick something to fit any gifting occasion or artistic project you decide to embark upon.

These realist cross stitch patterns range from art by Old World classicists and masters to modern Americana, and they're easy to create using our awesome guides. Each chart includes a coded guide that's broken into highly readable symbol blocks, and we've also provided high-quality reference imagery so that you can see what the finished result ought to look like. The patterns also feature clear keys that tell you how much material you'll need in each color, so you don't have to worry about running out mid-project.

Download your cross stitch patterns of realist paintings in regular-sized or large-format printable charts to get started today. Pick your favorite artist below, or browse the listings to discover a subject that strikes your fancy.