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New Cross Stitch Patterns

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New Cross Stitch Patterns

If you want to cover barren walls and liven up your living room, choose our new cross stitch designs for your next needleworking project. The Serenity Stitchworks pattern library is constantly being updated with new stitching designs for needleworkers of all skill levels. We offer unrivaled varietyhobbyists and masters alike will discover visually appealing patterns that pique their interest.

By downloading our patterns, you can emulate the works of master artists including: Vincent van Gogh, Diego Rivera and Claude Monet. From “American Gothic” to “The Birth of Venus,” many of our inventory’s most recent additions are instantly recognizable and are regarded as masterpieces across the globe.

Undertaking a new stitching project can be overwhelming - remove the hassle with our convenient, downloadable charts. At Serenity Stitchworks, we’re dedicated to providing customers with the best patterns for the best value. If you’re disappointed by your pattern download, contact us and we’ll issue you a refundour cross stitch patterns come standard with a 100-percent guarantee. Order now!