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Jessie Willcox Smith Cross-Stitch Designs

American art and illustration stretches back for centuries. Here, we’ve taken the opportunity to celebrate a pioneer with these Jessie Willcox Smith cross-stitch kits. With each simple-to-read Jessie Willcox Smith cross-stitch chart, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the results of high-quality designs. Known for illustrating countless books, magazines and assorted literary materials, Smith is considered one of the most important illustrators in America during an era where the art form experienced groundbreaking advancements. Her work may be characterized by its quiet sophistication, innocence and optimism. Her portrayals of children are especially poetic in their candor in scenes that recall a nation at the turn of the 19th century.

Our collection of Jessie Willcox Smith cross-stitch designs are an excellent challenge for advanced cross-stitchers who may be familiar with her work. They make wonderful additions to any child’s bedroom or library/den. Begin your project merely minutes after downloading and printing!