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Cubism Cross-Stitch Charts

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Cubism Cross-Stitch Charts

You will find some very interesting and gorgeous downloadable cubist cross stitch patterns in this section that focuses on Cubism. What is Cubism? It is an interpretation, through the artist’s eyes, of an object where the properties (through multiple views) are expressed as fragmented, turning away from realism into a free-flowing system of images in space.

Cubism evolved during a period of rapid innovation during 1908 and 1912, with Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque forging the way. Cubism spread rapidly across the globe and created a creative explosion through all of 20th century art. It was the starting point of diversity in art movements. Art movements that were directly influenced by Cubism were Expressionism and Abstract art.

Choose one of these beautiful downloadable cross stitch patterns now and begin a project today. They are fun to do and can be used with any décor.