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Claude Monet

Born 1840, Paris, France
Died 1926, Giverny, England

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Monet Cross Stitch Patterns

Claude Monet was at the forefront of the French impressionist movement in the late 1800s—taking the Parisian artistic community and the world by storm. His quick, loose brushstrokes masterfully captured brief moments in time and emulated the color and lighting of his open-air surroundings. These paintings are now hung in world-class museums around the globe, but Serenity Stitchworks Monet cross stitch patterns let you bring the works to your living room.

Put your mastery of needlework to the test by downloading an intricate cross stitch of Monet paintings like “Impression, Sunrise,” “Haystacks at the End of the Summer” and “Water Lilies.” These finely detailed patterns will give even a seasoned stitcher a challenge.

Our passion for the re-creation of artistic masterpieces stems from the academic art history background of Serenity Stitchworks co-owner Carmen Wolf. We are dedicated to providing each of our patterns at an affordable price and in a convenient, downloadable format. Order a Monet pattern today and receive a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee with your purchase!