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Neergaard, Hermania Sigvardine Ottesen, Otto Didrik Parrish, Maxfield
Picasso, Pablo Pissarro, Camille Prendergast, Maurice
Rackham, Arthur Raphael Remington, Frederic
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste Rivera, Diego Rockwell, Norman
Rousseau, Henri Sargent, John Singer Schille, Alice
Seurat, Georges Smith, Jessie Willcox Solomon, Simeon
Sorolla y Bastida, Joaquin Spencer, Robert Tanoux, Henri Adrien
Thaulow, Fritz Tiffany, Louis Comfort Tissot, James
Titian Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de Turner, Joseph Mallord William
Ufer, Walter Van Eyck, Jan van Gogh, Vincent
Verhas, Jan C. Vermeer, Johannes Verracchio, Andrea del
Waterhouse, John William Wood, Grant Wright, Frank Lloyd
Wyeth, Newell Convers Zorn, Anders

Find cross stitch patterns from your favorite artists

The fine-art cross stitch designs you will find on our website are created from the paintings of the most revered artists of all times. You are able to look at the designs that we have developed from these wonderful paintings by choosing your favorite artist from our extensive list, or you may want to explore the entire list of artists and find a design new to you. Have fun with this and expand your knowledge of the most beautiful paintings that have retained their popularity throughout the years.

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